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Picture this: you’re getting ready to go on a great vacation. You’re standing at the airport gate when all of a sudden, the agent comes on the intercom and says, “The captain would like me to announce that there is an 85% chance that this flight will not make it to your vacation destination on time and safely. Have a nice trip!” 

Are you going to get on that plane? Of course not! Why? Because there is a significant chance that you won’t make it there safely or on time. 

In my 36 years as America’s 401K Coach, I’ve learned that there is an 85% chance that 85% of your employees in your retirement plan will not get to their destination—retirement—on time and safely. 

That is why I’m starting this video blog. I will share all of the secrets to creating a successful retirement plan with you. You can even click here to get a free copy of my book, Save America, Save! so that you can learn all of my secrets right away. 

“I can help you create a paycheck for life.”

Over the course of the next year, I’ll send you a series of videos talking about everything that you can do as a plan sponsor to help your employees create their own paychecks for life. In fact, my first book, Paychecks for Life, has sold more than 20,000 copies. I highly recommend that plan sponsors read it so that you can pass valuable information on to your employees; click here if you are interested. 

Every two weeks, you will get a video featuring one of my secret recipes. For example, you’ll learn how to reverse engineer the expenses for your retirement plan. You can reduce them or get Uncle Sam to pay 30% to 40% of those expenses. I’ll also discuss automatic features, part of the Pension Protection Act that provides complete fiduciary protection for you as a plan sponsor.

If you take advantage of these powerful tools, you will help your employees save enough money to create that paycheck for life. If you have any specific questions, give me a call or send me an email and I’ll answer you with a video. 

I look forward to hearing from you!